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News and Information

World of Warcraft: Legion - Arcanist Kel'danath
(Blizzard game)
"World of Warcraft: Legion" is a new expansion to the iconic MMORPG.
Hear Joe's voicing of Arcanist Kel'danath here:

HalloScream 4: Vincent Price
(Luna Park, Sydney)
Vincent Price has a very iconic, and difficult to replicate voice. Joe's rendition for HalloScream 4 at Sydney's Luna Park is frighteningly good:

Heroes of the Storm: Space Lord Leoric!
(Blizzard game)
King Leoric is back with a new look in Blizzard's team brawler game "Heroes of the Storm"
Watch his epic 80's style trailer here:

Boom Beach!
(commercial campaign)
Boom Beach, the hit mobile strategy game also has some amazing ads.
Catch one below, watch more online, and be sure to play the game!

NPR: This American Life
(Volkswagen documentary)
This American Life on NPR ran a story about the Volkswagen diesel scandal, along with an advert for a mock documentary on the topic.
Joe performed all the voices here:
(and click here to read the full story on my blog)

Wilson X Basketball
(sports fitness)
The Wilson X Connected Basketball and app track your shooting stats with any hoop, and help hone your game.
Here's a sample of Joe's voice in the app, and a demo of what this incredible ball can do:

Dante's Inferno
(audio book)
Joe's reading of "Dante's Inferno (modern english translation)" is now available free on YouTube.
Also available for purchase on CD Baby, Amazon, and iTunes
Enjoy the full audio book here for free:

Norwegian Knitting Tour!
(promo on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
Jimmy Kimmel Live! pokes fun at the Norwegian Knitting 12-hour marathon TV event with this monster-truck style promo... Check it out!

Heaven's Shadow trilogy
(audiobook series)
Hear Joe narrate the Heaven's Shadow trilogy by acclaimed science fiction writers David S. Goyer ("Man of Steel") and Michael Cassutt ("Max Headroom"). Published by Random House Books On Tape and Penguin. Sample clips from each book below:

Heaven's Shadow:
Heaven's War:
Heaven's Fall:

Diablo III
King Leoric / The Skeleton King

Blizzard's amazing game Diablo III features Joe's voice as King Leoric aka. "The Skeleton King!"
Diablo III - King Leoric
The Third Birthday
Kunihiko Maeda

Square Enix has released the third game of the "Parasite Eve" series - The Third Birthday - for the PSP. Joe voices a, uh, unique scientist named Kunihiko Maeda, who helps guide the main character through the game.
The Third Birthday - Kunihiko Maeda
Shuji Niekawa

Durarara! - The High-Tension, Suspense Action, Mysterious and Totally Crazy Anime! It's airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, and you can buy it on DVD. Joe got to voice Shuji Niekawa, a reporter in the big city.
Durarara! - Shuji Niekawa
Gorillaz, Pickles, and Yodels!
Hear Joe's remixed Yodeling Pickle FREE! on Grammy winning group Gorillaz new iPad mixed album here: Gorillaz - The Fall (track 15: "Seattle Yodel")
(or listen to it here:) Yodeling Pickle
Command & Conquer 4
Hunter, Centurion

Play Multi-Player or Co-Op in this stunning conclusion to the 15-year saga. Thrill as the GDI and NOD battle to the bitter end! Joe's hedging his bet by playing characters on both sides ;-)
C+C4 - GDI Hunter Tank
Monster on Sy-Fy Channel
Henich, Serial Killer

The Sy-Fy Channel's Ani-Monday is showing this acclaimed acclaimed anime series by Naoki Urasawa. Catch Joe as a Serial Killer, Farmer and the ever-befuddled Henich.
Monster - Henich
Fragile Dreams

What's up with Joe and Chickens? Explore a haunted world in this Wii game armed only with a flashlight and a stick. Need something? Just find the guy with the Chicken Head!
Fragile Dreams - Merchant
X-Men Stage Show
Professor Xavier

Marvel's new stage show at Jakarta's Ancol Theme Park features Joe's voice as Professor X! There's an article in Indonesian here: X-Men - First Live-Action International Show!
Professor Xavier
Section 8
Sgt. Hawthorne

This multi-player FPS by Time Gate Studios and South Peak Games has Joe voicing Sgt. Hawthorne and several other characters. Visit the official game site here: Section 8
Sgt. Hawthorn in Section 8
Mortal Kombat vs. DC
Lex Luthor

Joe was chosen by Warner Bros, DC Comics and Midway to be the new voice for Lex Luthor in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe for the Xbox 360 and PS3.
Lex Luthor in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Tales of Vesperia

This Namco-Bandai game sold out the Xbox360 in Japan! Joe's voice for Raven is a laid back, middl-aged guy obsessed with women. Type-casting?!?!?
Raven in Tales of Vesperia
MGM Grand at Foxwoods
The MGM Grand
at Foxwoods

Joe is the voice for this amazing luxury resort, spa, and casino.

Radio Spots: Friendly's Ice Cream

Friendly's Ice Cream In a documentary spoof style, Joe announces new menu selections in four new radio ads for Friendly's produced by Laughlin/Contable and recorded at Chicago Recording Co.
Take a listen:

Spot 1: Spot 2: Spot 3: Spot 4:

Press and Reviews

Review: Heaven's Shadow
"Narrator Joe Thomas maintains a controlled yet electric pace as the astronauts make one incredible discovery after another on the mysterious object hurtling toward Earth. Thomas's skillful Indian and Russian accents and his effective female voices will keep listeners enthralled as they hurtle to the surprising climax."
Read the full Review here: AudioFile Magazine: Heaven's Shadow

- AudioFile Magazine, "Heaven's Shadow" review from AudioFile Magazine

"Electronic Yodeling Pickle:'s Archie McPhee's best-selling item of the season ($12.95 at There's lots of charm lurkin' in this gherkin. Not only that, it comes equipped with better pipes than Melinda Doolittle, belting out a 10-second yodel that puts country stars -- and most Austrians -- to shame."
- Cleveland Plain Dealer (John Campanelli), Electronic Yodeling Pickle for Archie McPhee

Interview: Realm of Gaming
"Joe has done work for companies from NBC to Microsoft to EA."
Read the full interview here: Realm of Gaming: Joe J Thomas Interview

- Jason Leyanna , Joe J Thomas Interview at Realm of Gaming

Review: Chess

- LA Times, Anatoly in Chess

Review: Oh! What A Lovely War
"Without any attempt at contemporary parallels, those parallels are evident, particularly the quasi-religious fervor of Sir Douglas Haig (Joe Thomas) rationalizing his policy of attrition, sending wave after wave of British troops into the trenches."

- LA Weekly, Sir Douglas Haig in Oh! What A Lovely War
Nominated: Best Musical
- LA Weekly, Sir Douglas Haig in Oh! What A Lovely War

Review: Shadowlands
"Thomas grabs you in this scene and never relaxes his grip on your emotions or your intellect. It's a tricky evolution from complacent Oxford don to smitten lover, but Thomas walks the path without faltering."

- Fort Worth Star Telegram, C. S. Lewis in Shadowlands
Nominated: Best Actor In A Leading Role
- Dallas Theatre League, C. S. Lewis in Shadowlands

Review: The Saint Plays
"A Good Night All Around"

- Dallas Morning News, Saint George in The Saint Plays

Nominated: Best Supporting Actor
- Dallas, Abe in Beau Jest

Review: Hamlet
"Vividly Pompous"

- Columbus Dispatch, Polonius in Hamlet

Thespian of the Year
- International Thespian Society, Cleveland Ohio